Celtic Newsletter - 14 May 2021

Hi to all

Righto, Club Day tomorrow and it's going to be big! We kindly remind everyone of the following:

  • Ronald McDonald House food drive. Donations of  non-perishables please. Table will be inside at eastern end of Clubrooms.
  • Celtic grounds are smoke and vape free
  • Parking - do not park in front of the clubrooms/squash courts. Management have reserved parking at the rear of the Clubrooms.
  • Members Cards - make sure you have these with you for the purchase of any alcohol
  • No dirty footwear or boots in the Clubrooms please. There are new boot cleaning brushes at the entrances. Use them :-)
  • Return glasses to the bar, recycling and rubbish to the bins in the kitchen. We are a Club not a pub.
  • New World U11.5 Raffle for Queenstown trip. Please support
  • JAB jersey sales 
  • Coffee Dash van will accompany the ACL BBQ (JAB home and away teams will be fed)
  • Live Music "Awesome Source" from 9pm - Midnight
  • Courtesy Van

Club Day

Match Controller - Mark Cousins

First Aid - Team Management

Ball Boys -TBC

Changing Rooms - All teams please

Kitchen - Robyn, Kevvy, U13 x 2 (12pm - 4pm)

Bar - Darion, Tim, U13 x 2 (12pm - 4pm)

Breakdown - JAB New World U11.5G and Paul Summerfield Seniors


Paul Summerfield Senior Men

1. Keanu Huria

2. Max Stapleton

3. Hamish Finnie (cc)

4. Mark Tait

5. Gerard Burke

6. Kaydis Huria

7. Logan Flett

8. Shepherd Mhembere

9. Cameron Turpin

10. Nathan McCloy (cc)

11. Raitube Vasurakata

12. Paovale Sofai

13. Monty Nixon

14. Ricus van Zeyl

15 Cameron Butler

16. Jake Edwards

17. Jake O'Grady

18. Connor Perriton

19. Ashton McArthur

20. Liam McCormick

21. Eru Cooper-Tahuri

22. Isireli Masiwini

Lysaght Glass Senior Women

1. Amelia Aldridge

2. Meg Hooper

3. Ceri Ann Jones

4. Shelley Smith

5. Tayla Barnaby

6. Judith Oguguo

7. Holly McPherson

8. Georgia Lysaght

9. Ella Sugrue

10. Paris Gola

11. Georgia Higgins

12. Alice Selesele

13. Lorne Mellonie

14. Rebecca Steer

15. Kelly Rotch

16. Jessica Marshall

17. Rose McEwan

18. Kerrin Corcoran

19. Claudia Tarrant

20. Marseilles Wiki

21. Isabella Roulston

22. Piper Jones

23. Ruby McLachlan

24. Darcelle de Har

Kelly's Cafe & Bar Senior B's

1. Sam Baynes

2. Neil Thomspn (cc)

3. Mitch Coyle

4. Jake O'Grady

5. Craig Donaldson

6. Tim Reid

7. Sam Hurley

8. Rowan O'Connor

9. Jake Tull

10. Jayden Faunge (cc)

11. Ryan Marshall

12. Nico/Albert

13. Ollie McKain

14. Josh Strange

15. Kerry Claydon-Wade

16. Zak Moodie

17. Nigel Kilday

18. Brentton Donaldson

19. Albert/Nico

20.. Shannon Perry

21. Jessie Whitcombe

22. Iwan Williams

EuroAgri Colts

1. Mark James Tuapawa

2. Hamish Kerr

3. Liam Prendergast

4. William Adlam

5. Henry Wild

6. Harry Stapleton

7. Connor Perriton

8. Zane Cockburn

9. Jacob Hughes

10. Te Wairua Hughes

11. Mitchel Prendergast

12. Fotu Hala

13. Sam Pearce

14. Elyh McKibbin

15. Opeti Draunibaka

17. William Ward

18. Noah Broomhall

19. Bryden Smith

20. Liam McCormick

21. Jordon Reuben

20. Christian Thompson


Celtic Club Day

Seniors – Combined Competition Division 1

Celtic v Lincoln, Celt1, 2:45pm Jared Le Gros – AR1 Hamish Grant – AR2 Geoff Barr

Senior B 

Celtic v Collegiate, Celtic2, 2:00pm Greg Jopson - AR1 Moon Tuilaepa – AR2 Mike Southby

Senior Women 

Celtic v Lincoln, 1:00pm, Celtic1 Geoff Barr

COLTS Combined  

Celtic Colts v Lincoln, 12:30pm, Celtic 2 Hamish Grant

Under 16 Combined 

MC Plains v RHS Green, Celtic3, 1:45pm Phill Everist

Under 14.5 Combined  

MCRU Plains v Lincoln, Celtic3, 12:30pm Moon Tuilaepa

Under 11.5

Celtic G v Methven White, Celtic4, 1:30pm (Club Referee)

Celtic W v Methven R, Celtic 4, 12:30pm (Club Referee)

Under 10

Celtic v Hampstead, Celtic4, 11:30am

Under 9

Celtic G v Southern, Celt3A, 11:30am

Celtic W v Rakaia, Celt3B, 11:30am

Under 8

Celtic v Rakaia, Celt2B, 11:30am

Under 7

Celtic G v Celtic W, Celt2A, 11:30am

Under 6

Celtic G v Rakaia B, Celt1A, 11:30am

Celtic W v Rakaia W, Celt1B, 11:30am

Shout Out

Gownsy for going above and beyond with extra showers and toilets. Also Trident Homes for the privacy fencing. Groundsmen, House, and the many volunteers who will/have contributed to Club Day.


Please like us on Facebook to get up to the minute info.



There are games under lights at Celtic tonight. Sideline support would be great for our up and coming youngsters. Bar and kitchen open.


These are now due. If you are experiencing any difficulites in getting these paid please liaise with your Team Manager to sort out payments. Thank you. 

Wishing everyone a super Club Day. Go The Green Machine!

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