Celtic Newsletter - 21 May 2021

Hi Everyone

A very big thank you to all concerned with a hugely successful Club Day. A biggy but a goodie.

Congratulations to our Lysght Glass women who got thier first victory in the Christchurch Metro Competitiion. 

Food Drive. We have 12 banana boxes packed and ready to go to Ronald McDonald House Christchurch, for which they are truly grateful.

Celtic you rock!!

Sideline Protocol

Timely reminder of our obligations. 

  • Authorised persons that are permitted inside the ropes:
    • Club Match Day Manager
    • The Playing XV from each team. (This does not include Reserves or Substitutes)
    • Match Officials – Referee and two Assistant / Referees plus Referee Coach.
    • One person from each team who will administer first aid.
    • One person from each team who will act as water carrier.
    • No more than two persons from each team who act as coach or Manager – who must remain in Tecchnical Ziones at all times of pley.
    • St John Ambulance Officials.
    • Ball Boys
  • Reserve Players, Coaches and Management Must Remain Stationary in one of the areas identified. Host Clubs will determine which of these areas are available for use to each team on a given day.
  • Coaches must not be on the field of play at any time (Grades U9 and above) other than the half time break.
    Note: It is the responsibility of team coaches and managers to ensure their team strictly complies with these requirements.

Persons may only enter the playing area:

  • To attend to an injured player during stoppages – St John and team officials only.
  • To carry water to the players during stoppages –– NOT while penalties are being taken.
  • At half time – team officials only.
  • To assist in the carriage of an injured player from the field – St John, team officials, plus any nominated assistant.
  • To provide a kicking tee – team official only or any nominated assistant.
  • To supply ball to players – team official only or any nominated assistant.
  • To perform touch judge duties in the absence of an Assistant Referee
  • Any person who are permitted to be within the playing enclosure other than the players and match officials or the medic whilst attending to a player, are to remain stationary in the designated areas.
  • Reserve players are not to enter the playing enclosure during the match. A reserve player when required to replace an injured player or as a substitute player, is to enter the playing enclosure at the halfway line.

The Referee is required to stop the game if:

  • Unauthorised persons remain inside the ropes
  • Any referee abuse or general disorderly behaviour of spectators is not being addressed by the
    Match Day Manager(s).
  • Any abusive/disruptive spectator or team member does not abide by any requests made of them by the Match Day Manager(s)
  • Any player ordered from the field who does not immediately leave the playing enclosure.


Referee Abuse and Spectator Behaviour

Please be respectful of our referess, they are dedicated, few on the ground, and do everything with the best of intentions. If you don't like it, consider putting in the work,  picking up the whistle and becoming a referee yourself.

Abusive behaviour is not to be tolerated.

Abuse is defined as to attack with coarse or insulting, rude, threatening or maligning language or behaviour.

Verbal Abuse includes:

  • Any form of foul language.
  • Any form of threatening language.
  • Continual complaining/sledging.
  • Personal insults.

Physical Abuse is as follows:

• Pushing • Bumping • Spitting • Kicking

  • Dissent by players.
  • Any insults or personal attacks published in all forms of media including all social media in or on a club affiliated domain.

• Punching

  • Any form of attempt of the above.
  • Any form of threatening behaviour.

Saturday 22nd May

Match Controller - Angus Lindsay

First Aid - Team Management

Changing Rooms - Kelly's Cafe & Bar Senior B

Kitchen - Robyn, Kevvy, U11.5W x 2 (12pm - 4pm)

Bar - Darion, New World U11.5W x 2 (12pm - 4pm) Pete and Paddy (4pm - Close)

Breakdown - Kelly's Cafe & Bar Senior B's and last JAB teams on fields please.

Team lists

Paul Summerfield Senior Men


Lysaght Glass Senior Women

1. Amelia Aldridge

2. Meg Hooper

3. Ceri Ann Jones

4. Shelley Smith

5. Tayla Barnaby

6. Rpse McEwan

7. Holly McPherson

8. Georgia Lysaght

9. Piper Jones

10. Ella Sugrue

11. Rebecca Steer

12. Isabella Roulston

13. Paris Gola

14. Ruby McLaughlan

15. Kelly Rotch

16. Kerrin Corcoran

17. Rose McEwan

18. Jessica McDowell

19. Claudia Tarrant

20. Darcelle de Har

21. Isabella Roulston

22. Piper Jones

23. Ruby McLachlan

24. TBC


Kelly's Cafe & Bar Senior B's

1. Dean Watson

2. Neil Thomspn (cc)

3. Tom Jones

4. Rowan O'Connor

5. Kurtis Blackman

6. Tim Reid

7. Sam Hurley

8. Steve Paese

9. Connor O'Grady

10. Shannon Perry

11. Alex Hooper

12. Albert Hobson

13. Ollie McKain

14. Jessie Whitcombe

15. Ryan Marshall

16. Zak Moodie

17. Ollie Adlam

18. Juan Gray

19. Craig Donaldson

20.. Jake Tull

21. Iwan Williams

22. TBC

EuroAgri Colts




Prebbleton v Celtic, Prebl1, 2:45pm

Senior B – Michael Duff Memorial

Celtic v Southern, Celtic1, 2:30pm Phil Everest

Senior Women 

University Canterbury v Celtic, Ilam field1, 2:45pm

COLTS Combined  

Prebbleton v Celtic, Prebbleton1, 1:00pm

Under 18 Combined 

Prebbleton v MCRU Alps, Preb2, 12:45pm

Under 16 Combined 

MCRU Alps v Dunsandel/BDI  – Tinwald1, 1:15pm Jeremy Robinson

MCRU Plains v BYE

Under 14.5 Combined  

West Melton v MCRU Plains, WestMelton1, 10:30am

Rolleston Jaguars v MCRU Alps, FosterPark1, 12:15pm

Under 13

Celtic  v Southern Combined, Celtic1, 1:15pm Moon Tuilaepa

Under 11, 5

Celtic G v Collegiate/Rakaia, Celt2b, 1:15pm (Club Refeere)

Celtic W v Southern, Celt2b, 1:15pm (Club Refeere)

Under 10

Celtic v Southern, Celtic 4, 1:15pm

Under 9

Celtic w v Allenton, Cel4, 12:15pm

Celtic G BYE

Under 8

Celtic v Southern B, Celtic 3A, 1:15pm

Under 7

Celtic G v Southern B, Celtic3A, 11:45am

Celtic w v Southern R, Celtic 3B, 1:15pm

Under 6

Celtic G v Southern W, Celtic3A, 12:30PM

Celtic W, v Southern S, Celtic 3b, 12:30pm


Wishing our JAB players, maangement and supporters travelling to Timaru on Sunday for the Pompallier Tournament a super day.

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