Celtic Latest - 2 July 2021


For those of you at the grounds on Saturday we had the misfortune of one of our visting players requiring medical attention and the call up of a medivac helicopter. I'm sure you'll be relieved to know that all is well and whilst the initial response was that of major concern the young man will make a full recovery. Many thanks to the volunteers who offered assistance and in particular Muz our Match Controller on the day.

Disappointingly we did have a member of the public park their car over our ambulance access. In light of this the committee will improve signage and access. Addtionally one of our club members was unable to use the disabled parking, we believe to non legimate parking on Saturday. The three bays at the bollards are for Disabled Parking ONLY. Again additonal signage and a paint touch up happening as we speak.

Owners parking where they shouldn't be will be towed at their own expense.


Match Controller - Greg Wall

First Aid - Team Management

Changing Rooms - U14.5 & U16 Plains

Kitchen - Robyn, New World U8 x 2 (2pm - 4pm)

Bar  - Tim, Greg (2pm - 4pm) ::  Tim Dave (4pm - Close)

Breakdown - U14.5 & U16 Plains 

Big clash at Southern (Hinds Domain) with our Kelly's Cafe & Bar B's at 1pm followed by Paul Summerfield Seniors at 2.45pm

All the very best to our EuroAgri Colts who travel to Hornby.


Paul Summerfield Seniors

1. Jake Edwards

2. Max Stapleton

3. Hamish Finnie (cc)

4. Jack Harrex

5. Gerard Burke

6. Sean McCormick

7. Ashton McArthur

8. Shepherd Mhembere

9. Liam McCormick

10. Nathan McCloy (cc)

11. Raitube Vasurakata

12. Paovale Sofai

13. Monty Nixon

14. Elyh McKibbin

15. Troy Edwards

16. Kaydis Honia

17. Keanu Huria

18. Mark Tait

19. Angus Lindsay

20. Logan Flett

21. Cameron Turpin

22. Eru Cooper-Tahuri


Kelly's Cafe & Bar Senior B

1. Neil Thompson (cc)

2. Tim Reid

3. Juan Gray

4. Craig Donaldson

5. Kurtis Blackman

6. Ed Hobson

7. Angus Lindsay

8. Nick McKain

9. Dale Frampton

10. Jayden Faunge (cc)

11. Alex Hooper

12. Albert Hobson

13. Josh Strange

14. Jesse Whitcombe

15. Shannon Perry

16. Jake O'Grady

17. Rowan O'Connor

18. Nigel Kilday

19. Mitch Coyle

20. Jake Tull

21. Connor O'Grady

22. Sam Hurley


U15/U16 Fundraiser

Selling 5kg bags of onions for $5. Contact Robin Burgess - 027 373 0099

New World U11.5 Fundraiser for Queenstown

Selling salami (extra long and super tasty) $25. Contact Di Humm - 021 308 171

All the best this week. 

Go The Green Machine.

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